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ICICI’s Domestic Hotel Booking Offer for MakeMyTrip Users!

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What can a promo code do for you? It can give you cash back offer that can help you afford even the most expensive hotel in the country! With the help of your ICICI bank credit or debit card, MakeMyTrip and a simple promo code mentioned on our website, you can now book a room(s) in the hotel of your dreams in any location in India. If you have ICICI bank cards, you are eligible to get cash back of 50% on domestic hotel bookings. The maximum amount of cash back you get to enjoy is of Rs.1250 The offer can be used on both, the website of MakeMyTrip and the app on cellphone as well. You have to note down the promo code and use it while making the payment with your ICICI bank cards. This offer is valid till 30th September 2017 only. Please note that not all the hotels are parts of the list for this offer.
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See the Country with ICICI’s Domestic Flight Offer!

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India is such a beautiful country; there are hundreds of locations here and we are sure some of the locations top the list of all those places that you wish to see before you enter into the materialistic life and spend your time raising your family. If you want to take your partner to some of the most gorgeous locations in your country, it is time for you to take out that ICICI bank credit or debit card from your wallet and book air tickets right away on MakeMyTrip. MakeMyTrip and ICICI bank have tied up together to bring a wonderful domestic air ticket offer for travelers in the country – on the booking amount between Rs.4000 to Rs.6999, you get a cash back of Rs.300 if you use MakeMyTrip’s website and Rs.500 if you use MakeMyTrip’s mobile app. Above Rs.7000, you get cash back of Rs.500 on MakeMyTrip website and Rs.800 on MakeMyTrip’s mobile app.
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Axis Bank Brings Exciting Offer On Domestic Flights for MakeMyTrip Users

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Have you always been using MakeMyTrip for planning your trips? Do you want to save money while planning your trip on this website or app? Then we have amazing news for you – with the help of your Axis bank debit or credit card, you can now save a good amount of money on MakeMyTrip website and app. On Rs.4000, you get cash back of Rs.300 if you book from the website and Rs.500 from the app and on Rs.6999, you get cash back of Rs.800. Our website has the promo code that you need to enjoy the discount amounts. Grab a diary or open your notepad to save the promo code. Logon to MakeMyTrip website or install the app and use the promo code while paying for your domestic flight. This offer is valid from 3rd July 2016 to 30th December 2016.
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International Flight Offer for MakeMyTrip Users With Axis Bank Card

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Going to another country is a dream for a lot of people; while some people want to go to the United States, there are others that wish to visit beautiful locations in United Kingdom; it doesn’t matter where you wish to go, all that matters is that you save money on the international flight that you travel in. With the help of your Axis bank credit or debit card, you can now get cash back of Rs.700 on the booking amount of Rs.15000 to Rs.29999, Rs.1500 on the booking amount of Rs.30000 to Rs.89999 and Rs.4000 on the booking amount of Rs.90000 and above. This offer is valid on both the website of MakeMyTrip and the mobile app as well. This offer is available till 15th of December 2016 only. There are certain hotels that are not a part of this offer.
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Domestic Hotel Bookings Made Cheaper Now

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The first thing that you need to do is note down the promo code mentioned on this website in order to avail cash back on domestic hotel bookings. The reason is simple – unless you have a promo code, you can’t enjoy the offer because there are hundreds of different offers available on Axis bank and hence every offer has a unique promo code. Domestic hotel bookings are now available with 50% cash back offer, thanks to Axis bank credit or debit card that you have with you. If you don’t believe us, try knowing about it by visiting the website or mobile application of MakeMyTrip and book the hotel room of your choice. The maximum amount of cash back you get is Rs.1500 and this offer is available from 3 July 2016 to 31 December 2016. Please note that not all the domestic hotels have enrolled to give this offer to the customers.
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Flying To Your Favorite Country? Want To Make The Journey Affordable?

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There are thousands of amazing things about visiting another country because we are not aware about the tourist attractions that we are going to see there and the excitement is fulfilled when we visit the place. In fact, even when we have to visit another country for business purpose, there are a few hours left with us in which we can roam around a bit or at least spend some quality time in solitude in a good hotel room. But do you really think international hotels are ‘that’ affordable? There are some hotels that are wonderful and are well-known for their services, but in order to afford them, you need to be sure that you have Axis bank credit or debit card thanks to which you get to enjoy cash back of 20% (maximum Rs.2200) on a minimum booking amount of Rs.5000 on MakeMyTrip website or mobile app. This offer is available till 15th December 2016.
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Bus Tickets Made Cheaper For You on MakeMyTrip!

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MakeMyTrip is one of the most well-known trip planning websites on internet; no matter where you want to go or what hotel room you wish to book, all you need to do is get on MakeMyTrip, select the location and find an appropriate mode of transport to reach there. If you are traveling to a distant location and want to book bus tickets for the same, we have some awesome news for you – you can now save 5% (maximum amount Rs.100) on all the bus tickets that you book. Do you want to know how? Use your Axis bank debit or credit card on MakeMyTrip and you can avail the discount with the help of the promo code mentioned on this website. Now you don’t need to spend more on bus fares; visit any state or city in the country by keeping your budget low by using your Axis bank credit or debit card. This offer is valid from 3rd July 2016 to December 2016.
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Domestic Flight Bookings Just Got Affordable For Every Common Man

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Forget about all the other bank cards that you have in your wallet, your Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) credit or debit card can help you with all the cash back offers you need on domestic flight bookings! If you are thinking of visiting your sister in another city or are planning to give a surprise to your partner, who lives in another state, use your SCB credit or debit card to book domestic flights and fall in love with the offer mentioned below: If you book domestic flight tickets on MakeMyTrip with your SCB credit or debit card, you are eligible for Rs.800 cash back. This offer is valid till 31st December 2016 only. Once you have the promo code, which is mentioned on this website, enjoying the offer becomes simpler for you. Don’t miss out on this opportunity because such offers do not come very often.
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International Flights: Standard Chartered Bank Brings Awesome Offer

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You know what is the worst thing about having your own business? The stress that you have on your head! No doubt it is an amazing thing when you are your own boss and have absolutely no one to sit on your head, but it is terrible to manage the expenses of all those employees, bills and also of traveling from one country to another to promote your products or services or to attend conferences and meetings. But don’t you worry anymore if you have Standard Chartered bank credit or debit cards; on MakeMyTrip website and mobile app, you can now get up to Rs.4000 cash back on all the international flight bookings that you make. This offer is going to be valid till 30th December 2016 and you can book the flight tickets in advance as well. Don’t miss this opportunity to travel in budget!
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Domestic Hotels Were Never This Affordable Before!

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Got credit or debit card of Standard Chartered Bank (SCB)? Been using MakeMyTrip to plan all of your trips? The most wonderful thing about MakeMyTrip is that it plans the entire trip or vacation or journey for you. All you need to do use your fingertips to type, search for and finalize the journey and everything is booked right in the comfort of your warm room. Now there is one more thing that you are going to thank MakeMyTrip for if you are a Standard Chartered Bank account holder; with the help of your SCB credit or debit card, you can now get 50% cash back (maximum amount of Rs.1500) on domestic hotel bookings. Remember the promo code given on this website and use it on or before 31st Dec 2016 so that you book a domestic hotel room right in your budget and spend lesser than your friends.
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Make Your Friends Jealous; Spend Less on International Hotel Bookings!

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Now here’s something that you need to do to make all of your friends jealous – spend lesser than them on international hotel bookings! You read it right – with the help of your Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) cards, you can now spend quite lesser than all of your friends have on booking a hotel room in an international location. Don’t let them get on your nerves by saying you know absolutely nothing at all – let them know MakeMyTrip has made the booking easier and cheaper for you! Your SCB credit or debit card allows you to save 20% (maximum cash back of Rs.2000) on all the international hotel bookings you make. So relax on your chair, visit MakeMyTrip and use the promo code mentioned on this website to get the discount of your SCB cards; this offer is valid till 30th December 2016, only.
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Bus Fares Just Got Cheaper for SCB Card Holders!

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Every individual can afford booking bus tickets, right? But this does not mean that you are not eligible to get offers and discounts on bus fares! What if we say you can save money on bus fares? Does that excite you? If it does then all you need to know is the promo code mentioned on this website; you would need your Standard Chartered Bank credit or debit card along with an account on MakeMyTrip to get cash back on bus tickets. If you book a bus ticket on MakeMyTrip with your SCB credit or debit card, you get up to Rs.100 cash back (5%). Already, the bus tickets are quite affordable and on that, if you get to enjoy 5% more, you feel like the king of the world. Please note that this offer is available till 30th September 2016 only.
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Makemytrip-Dil toh roaming hai

Are you also pondering over finding that one travel website which does all the efforts for your travel plans while you just focus on enjoying your vacations or other journeys?

If you are also nodding your head in affirmation, then, is the best online travel company which caters to all your travel booking needs. Be it the flight booking, hotel booking, tour planning or other reservations, makemytrip makes it a point to provide 100% customer satisfaction oriented services only. was established in the year of 2000 with its only mission of revolutionising the travel industry by providing a range of best travel services around the globe and it soon became a leader in travel industry through provision of its best, cheap and affordable travel services.

The following amazing offers of the website are what make it a pioneer in Indian travel industry.

Flight plus hotel combo

The best product of the company is the availability of book flight plus hotel combos where tourists can easily book the best hotels and cheap flights in less than 5 minutes. By simple guidelines given on the website, buyers can choose from a list of hotels and flights in just one go.

Hotel Bookings

In case, you want to search for the best hotels whether national or international, then, click and get all the required information by filling just the basic information like your expected dates of stay and check in and check out time. Within seconds, the fast technology software used by the site will present all the relevant info on your screen and you can make hotel booking that suits your pocket and needs both.

Holiday Packages

Who does not like to spend his/her vacations at best places in the world. Makemytrip understands needs of every traveller and thus, brings out attractive holiday packages as soon as you enter the dates of your holidays. Not just this, the holiday packages can be very well customised as per the needs of users.

Online Bus Ticket booking

Booking bus tickets is now made a lot easier with Users can avail exclusive discounts on tickets also. There are many users who have even posted their reviews regarding complete satisfaction from the services of

A very special offer has been recently introduced for the users who get their bus tickets booked online from this website. It is the lowest price guarantee or get double the difference back guarantee. So just start using makymytrip today not for just flight or hotel booking but for bus ticket booking also.

Book your ideal holiday home

Quite recently, makemytrip has launched an exclusive Independence Day offer where users can book not just the hotels but they can choose from the best collection of villas, apartments, cottages and bungalows at their place of vacation. Even the rates are as low as Rs. 800 per person, which can be further lowered by increasing the number of bookings from one family i.e. the more, the merrier.

Mobile app

Makemytrip app is the best solution for solving all queries related to travelling. Just download the app within five minutes and book your favourite flights, hotels, villas, bus tickets, holiday packages. All the services can be availed anywhere and anytime once you download the app.

Awesome deals

One can find awesome deals daily on makemytrip. Some of the popular ones are:

  • Surprise me deals
  • Road trip deals
  • Offbeat deals
  • Hill station deals
  • Food and shopping deals
  • Desert Circuit
  • Heritage Circuit
  • Spectacular Singapore deal and many more

Indian Railways ticket booking

How can we miss the train bookings when we have made your all other modes of travelling within your reach? Train ticket bookings are also easy, convenient and cheap to do if you use our makemytrip app or website. It will take just 5 minutes and you can get tickets for any travel destination.

Special feature of Trip Planner

Last but certainly not the least, makemytrip has added a very special and unique feature known as Trip Planner where  our special team of experts will help you in planning your day to day itinerary at your favourite destination.

Users just need to follow the under-mentioned steps:

  • Enter your country and region
  • Enter your favourite travel destination
  • Our team will send you a personalised plan based on your requirements
  • Read it and suggest if you need any modifications based on your areas of interest like if you like going to zoo or parks to enjoy wildlife, then, our team will let you know the places where you can have maximum wild life experience in just a few days.
  • After finalisation, you can book your tickets
  • As soon as you book, our team will help you manage your excursion by staying in constant touch with you

All the above steps will take a short span of time that will make you all save all the time during your travel on sight-seeing sans worrying about any planning. All the details regarding how much time to spend at each place along with opening and closing time of several tourist attractions will also be intimated to you by our special team of experts.

Moreover, you can find your complete plan at just one page. Thus, say goodbye to all your short notes, planning and conversations regarding the management of your vacations as makemytrip is your travel friend now which will do everything for you while you enjoy your holidays with ultimate peace of mind.


With all the aforesaid features and facilities, makemytrip has become a brand icon in the tour and travel industry. Leave your travel tensions and planning to and gear up for enjoying fantastic holidays with your family at cheap and best hotels, flights, buses, trains and other reservations. Makemytrip is all yours to assist you with everything at a single place.

Buckle up and enjoy the endless beauty of world with makemytrip.