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HDFC Offer Activated

SnapDeal HDFC Bank CashBack Offer : Get The Best Deal

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Most of the people in India have HDFC debit or credit cards, thanks to which they are going to get the best offer of their lives, now! You read it right – with the help of your HDFC cards, you can now shop on Snapdeal, one of the leading e-stores in the country! If you use your HDFC cards on this e-store, you get an offer of 10% cash back on a minimum purchase of Rs.5000. The maximum cash back that can be enjoyed is only Rs.1500 per card; the more HDFC cards you and your family members have, the more cash back you can enjoy. For all those, who wish to enjoy this hdfc bank offer on snapdeal, there is something that you must know – HURRY UP because this offer is valid from 1st of July 2016 to 31st of August 2017 ONLY; don’t let the time fly off your hands!
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State Bank of India Presents Snapdeal Offer

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Do you like shopping in your cute comfortable clothes at home? Do you like shopping with your family, but not in any land based store, but from a nice popular e-store like Snapdeal? If you have never tried shopping from Snapdeal before and you have SBI debit or credit card with you, it is time for you to know that your e-shopping experience can be excellent with the card that you have in your hands. When you shop with your SBI debit or credit card, you can get 10% extra cash back on all the products on the Snapdeal. The maximum amount of cash back that an individual can enjoy is Rs.6000. The only thing that you need to remember is that you have to make a minimum transaction of Rs.4999. This Snapdeal SBI Cash back offer starts from 21st March and ends on 24th March. Your earned cash back will be credited to your SBI card account by May .
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Deal Activated

Snapdeal cashback offer for Citibank card holders

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E-shopping is fun, but you can add more fun to it with the help of your Citibank card! If you are a Citibank account holder, you surely have its debit and/or credit card. With your Citibank debit or credit card, you can now enjoy a discount of 10% as a cash back offer on a minimum purchase of Rs.4999 The maximum cash back that you can get is of Rs.1500, which is an amazing amount for all those addicted to shopping from different stores online. When you visit Snapdeal, you fall in love with all those amazing products that you see on its gallery. With added discount, e-shopping on Snapdeal becomes more exciting! The cash back will be sent to your citibank card by the month of June. The offer is valid from 28th March to 31st March.
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See the New ICICI Bank Offer on Snapdeal

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If you are an ICICI bank account holder, some good news is on your way for sure, especially if you have always been into online shopping. No doubt shopping online has changed our lives, but we know it can be quite expensive, at times. But worry not – with those ICICI bank account cards in your wallet, you can now enjoy an offer of having 10% cash back on a minimum transaction of Rs.3000! The maximum cash back that you get is Rs.1000 and the most amazing thing about this offer is that you don’t need to wait for the money for a long period of time because the money gets credited within 60 days only! The money is directly credited into your ICICI bank account. The next time you think of buying something only, use your ICICI credit or debit card to enjoy the cashback offer on snapdeal .
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Get Access to SnapDeal Axis Bank Offer

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Tired of spending a lot of money on your thirst for online shopping? Want to save money? Got an account in Axis bank? Then you should consider yourself lucky because with the help of your Axis bank cards, you can now enjoy this amazing offer on almost Snapdeal, the most awesome e-store! With your Axis bank debit or credit card, you enjoy 10% cash back on the minimum purchase of Rs.4000. If your cart has products that combine together to make that amount, you can get the cash back credited into your account in a few months itself. The maximum cash back that you can enjoy on the products is Rs.2500. The offer is not going to be there all throughout the year – it is available only for two days – 26th February and 27th February . Axis bank card holders – DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!
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Yes Bank Offer Activated

Stay Blessed with Yes Bank Offer on Snapdeal

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If you have always been waiting to try spending money on a few online stores, then here’s your chance! You don’t have to do anything special, except for choosing Snapdeal, an awesome e-store to meet your need for products, stuff your virtual cart with all the things that you want to and then use your Yes Bank debit card to make the payment. When you use your Yes Bank debit card, you enjoy the offer of cash back of 10% on a minimum purchase of Rs.4000 The maximum cash back that you can enjoy on products is Rs.750 and the offer is valid for two days only – 24th April and 25th April. So if you really want to enjoy this discount, don’t forget to visit Snapdeal, a good and trustworthy e-store, and fill your cart with the products that you wish to own and use.
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Buy All That You Want To With American Express Card Offer

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American Express (Amex) is one of the most appreciated banks in the world. There are a lot of people in India that are quite happy with the services of this bank. If you are one of them and if you have Amex cards, then it is time for you to use the amazing offer that we are here to talk about: With your Amex cards, you can now get 10% discount on the minimum purchase of Rs.9999! The maximum discount that you can enjoy is of Rs.1250, which is quite a huge amount for all the e-shoppers out there! But wait a minute… just because this offer is available does not mean you can use it anything and every time! It is available for two days only – 27th June 2016 and 28th June 2016. Go ahead – buy everything that you want to!
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SCB Offer: Add Magic To Your E-Shopping Experience!

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We know how difficult it is for a middle class man or woman to save money for his or her future; we have a family to raise and to help each and every member grow, saving is quite essential. However, just because you have to save does not mean you can’t shop, especially if you are living in the era of e-shopping. If you have a Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) cards, you don’t have to be worried about spending money on shopping online; choose Snapdeal, a genuine e-store, and use your virtual card to fill your house or wardrobe with all the things that you wish to. When you shop online, you not only save money on traveling to land based stores, but also get 10% cash back on your SCB cards on the minimum purchase of Rs.7500. Rs.2500 is the maximum discount you can enjoy on your cards.
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This Kotak Bank’s Offer Is Going To BLOW YOUR MIND

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You may have read about several offers, but this one is surely going to gain a big part of your attention because most of the people in India have Kotak bank cards. It doesn’t matter if you have Kotak’s debit or credit card; if you use either of them to shop from an online store, you get 10% cash back on any product that you buy! However, the minimum transaction needs to be of Rs.7500 and the maximum cash back amount that you can enjoy is of Rs.1000 This offer is not going to stay forever; so all you Kotak Bank card holders there – visit Snapdeal, your favorite e-store, on 11th March and 12th March and shop for all the products that you want to use! Such offers are not repeated often by the banks so you better reap the benefits during the mentioned days.
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SnapDeal: The Largest Online Marketplace

Snapdeal is one of the largest online marketplaces of the country offering more than 10 million range of products with more than 1,00,00 sellers and around 40 million people shopping from here round the clock. The rate with which Snapdeal grew in the past few years is nearly 600%, making the company a gleaming star amongst the e-commerce companies of India. In a nutshell, the e-commerce company is helping everyone right from the buyers to the sellers and also earning great profits for the shareholders and the team members. The average age of the team members of Snapdeal is 25. The members of the team bring innovation, ideas, openness, change and honesty to the table; the ingredients of great success.

Another amazing aspect about this store is that as much as 65% of the orders being placed at Snapdeal are through the mobile phones only. The brand has made its presence in each and every platform, be it a website or a mobile site, thus it is purely the choice of the customer to use whichever platform they wish for the purpose of shopping.

Snapdeal: The Story of its Inception

Truly, Snapdeal set a distinct place for itself when it comes to shopping from an e-commerce portal in India. The association of the founders of Snapdeal, Kunal Bahl, an Engineering graduate and Rohit Bansal, an IIT Delhi alumnus dates back to the time when they were into an offline business related to coupons, named MoneySaver in the year 2010. The first flight to their hopes of doing a business was given by the investor named, Vani Kola who decided to make an investment and that's how Snapdeal was given a blissful birth. The brand was initially launched on an offline basis and was made online in the year 2010 itself. The founders being a novice in this field, had a bumpy ride in the initial months. But diligent efforts and sheer dedication, ushered in the success. The success of the company is attributed to the vision of the founders. With the investment of eBay in Snapdeal, the brand reached a new height with the experience which the investing company brought with it. In its exceptional journey till date, the company has partnered with the big shots of the business arena, namely, Alibaba, Premji Invest, Foxconn, BlackRock, Temasek, to name a few.

Different Product Categories Available

What makes Snapdeal a giant gun in the online marketplace is its diverse portfolio of the products. The company offers more than 35 million products to the buyers; thus a full shopping experience in just one go. The company is serving the likes of people from all walks of life with perfection. When one visits the website of Snapdeal or its mobile app, one just needs to know what he/she wants, rest everything is taken care by the company. With a spectrum of categories and a broad range of the products within, the company is taking care of the needs and aspirations of one and all. What you wish to buy, is definitely present on Snapdeal, be it mobiles, tablets, computers, laptop, mobile accessories, cameras, home appliances, watches, fashion wear for men, women and kids, furniture and home furnishings, books, etc. Thus, with Snapdeal, what you get is an umbrella solution to all your needs.

Apart from these products, the individuals can even pay their mobile bills, DTH recharge bills and data card bills at Snapdeal. The facilities for mobile recharges is also available.

Snapdeal Website and Mobile App

The website of Snapdeal is a user friendly one and is quite simplified with less of distractions in the form of ads. When you visit the website, your entire focus will be on the visuals related to the product and other product information. What makes the shopping experience at Snapdeal a soothing one is the presence of all the decision making criteria and information on one screen. The mobile app of Snapdeal, Snap-Lite is equally efficient in catching the likes of the shoppers. Around 19 million mobile users are using the Snapdeal's website and mobile app for making purchases leading to 70% of the total revenue for the brand.

Snapdeal Deals of the Day

Snapdeal offers a great number of exciting deals of the day where great deals are offered to the shoppers. These deals are time bound and finish quickly; thus the customers need to watch out for the best deals offered in a day.

Payment Options Available

Being a convenience store, the store offers various payment modes to the customers and the customers are free to choose any, in accordance with their level of comfort.

• Credit Card or Debit Card

The users can simply use their plastic money to get the products they handpicked.

• Credit Card EMI

The store also offers shopping through credit card by EMI from the leading banks.

• Net Banking

The buyers can also make purchases through their net banking accounts quickly.

• Cash on Delivery (COD)

The buyers can pay for the product once the product reaches their door steps.

• FreeCharge Account

The shoppers can also pay via wallet created at FreeCharge.

Shipping, Return and Refund policy

Usually, the store charges a nominal shipping price from the customers for the products they buy from the e-commerce portal. In case, any of the product bought from the store, seems inappropriate, after making the purchase, the buyer can simply click on the 'Return/Replace' option on the website and make a selection with regard to the reason for making such return/replacement of the item in question. The courier partner of the store will pick the item from your shipping address. The word of caution here is that the product tags as well as the packaging of the product need to be kept intact. The customers can return the item in 7 days from the date of purchase. The refunds are easily made to the mode of payments such as credit cards, debit cards, net banking and FreeCharge. For the Cash on delivery payment mode, the refund of the amount is sent to the Bank Account of the customer.